Art a tradition within family Billet

Billet, Jean, French foreman,
in 1535 together with Gilet Contesse he carried out the works of the vault in the church of hatel-Censoir (Yonne). The church’s nave and aisle are of noble and advanced nature in the period of renaissance.

Billet, Nicolas, master of tapestry, worked in Valenciennes at around 1728 and produced Gobelins with countryside scenes according to designs of a certain Dubois. About 20 years ago a number of Gobelins signed „Billet, Valenciennes“ appeared on the market displaying landscape sceneries with vaulted arbours and box-tree-Parterres („Parterres de Broderie“)

Billet, Etienne, portrait- and genre-painter born on December 26th,1821 in Marseille,
pupil of Drolling and L. Cogniet. He repeatedly exhibited his works in the Paris Salon between 1845 and 1859
„Nymphs surprised by Fauns“
„Young Armenian Girls at the Fountain“
„Napoleon II“, (1853) -  Museum Arenenberg, Switzerland
In the year 1860 he exhibited  his „Caravan in the Dessert“ and was praised by the critics.

Napoleon II  - Etienne Billet, 1853

Napoleon II
Etienne Billet, 1853

The Dessert

"The Desert Hunt"
Etienne Billet

Billet, Pierre, French painter and etcher of the 19th century, born in Catin (Nord) was dedicated to genre-painting and was believed to be one of Jules Bretons pupil’s.
Work of P. Billet are:
„Young Farmer’s Wife“ (1867)
„Consequences of a Game of Cards“
„Expectation“ (1868)
„The Fisherman of Ambleteuse“ (1869) Museum of Bordeaux.
„Fisherman at Boulogne“ (1870) Museum of Lille
„Norman Coast“ (1872) formerly at the Museum in Luxembourg
„Return from the Market“ (1873)
„Winter“  (1875)
„Fountain in Ypern“ (1876)


"Ramaseusses de Bois"
Pierre Billet

P. Billet’s works are also to be found in private collections in the USA (e.g. E. Davis and Aug. Belmont in New York and Parsens in St. Louis).

Pierre Billet has produced a number of etchings.

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